World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                       Arthur Harrison 

Battle Of Naples

By Actiondesk Sheffield

People in story: Arthur Harrison
Location of story: Sheffield


On the 8th of August, 1940, I reported to the Royal Signals depot at Ossett in Group 20, which was for those born in July 1910. I was in a squad of 24 men. After square bashing, I was sent to Endcliffe Hall in Sheffield where I was on a course for six weeks. From there, I was posted to the 9th Armoured Division Signals.

The next move was to the 113 special wireless section, to go abroad to Algeria and on to Tunis. The next trip was to Selerno in Italy where I watched the battle of Naples from amongst the lava of Mt. Vesuvius. At Monte Casino, where progress was halted, a number of our unit was allocated to return to the UK to prepare for the Normandy Landing at Arramanches on June the 6th, because of bad weather in the Channel. We landed in France; that was with 1 SW Group D plus 4. We progressed to Brussels where we remained until the thousand bomber raid. That enabled us to cross the Rhine.

The last place I was at was Minden; from there I left to be demobbed at Strensal in February, 1946.