World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

The memoirs of Arthur Parish

What I have written is an account rather than a story, of what my life was in those war year. I thought my children and my grandchildren should know more than the mere bald fact that Dad or Granddad was 'in the war'.

It isn't written as well or clearly as I would have wished for. I am older now and not as quick as I once was, nor so infallible in memory. There are no doubt, spelling mistakes and errors of syntax. All that doesn't matter. I hope I have conveyed the misery, the heart-ache and the pride that I felt at that time.
May and I had the happiest and our loneliest times in those years. May none of my grandchildren or their children's children ever suffer as so many of us did - the tears and the heartache.

 May 1990

Chapter 1
Chapter 2