World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                          George Lord 

George Lord

This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Roger Marsh of the ‘Action Desk — Sheffield’ Team on behalf of Ngaretta Sribar.

George Lord, Army No 997359, was a Gunner in the 170th Field Regiment Royal Artillery.

George Lord was the son of Thomas Lord and Alice Poynton.
Alice Poynton's father, Edward Poynton was an Alderman at Warsop.
George was born is Bolsover, Derbyshire, January 17, 1911.
He had a twin brother Thomas who died aged 5.
George married Eva Hardwick and lived throughout the war with their 6 children.
The family lived in a Terrace house and use to go under the stairs for shelter during air raids. The children would look out the windows and see the Jerry bombers flying low dropping bombs.
The sound of the whistle of the bombs and then quiet just before the bombs hit destroying half the houses in the street.

The drooning sound of the planes coming, meant "here we go kid" under the stairs.
The gas masks which had to be carried at all times, were very unpleasant things.
The food rations, walking 2 miles to line up for bread.

As far as is known George didn't talk much about those times.

He was a minister of religion which in Australia he was known as Pastor George Lord.
The family emmigrated to Australia after the war.

George is interred in the Whyalla Cemetary South Australia