World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                             Jean Guy 

Lost Dad

By Actiondesk Sheffield

People in story: Jean Guy
Location of story: Sprotborough
Background to story: Civilian


Lost Dad

Jean’s family, her father, mother and brother Brian, moved from Edlington to Sprotborough when she was only 13 months old and this event occurred.
Blackout regulations were in force and strictly enforced at the time when they moved, and the family didn’t know their way around Sprotborough. During the first week in the new home, their dad went out in his slippers to get fish and chips for their supper, since they had no food in the house. They waited and waited but he didn’t return, so Mum gave Brian a piece of stale bread, and had nothing herself. Mum was very worried but there was nothing she could do, they didn’t know anyone around and no one had a telephone then. She put the children to bed and just sat and waited for daylight. Dad finally came home the next morning when it was light and he could see his way. He said the blackout was so effective that he didn’t know where he was and couldn’t find his way home.