World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                                    Leonard Chambers

Pte. Leonard Chambers (Part One)

By Actiondesk Sheffield

People in story: Leonard Chambers
Location of story: Sheffield and North Africa
Unit name: 6th Bn. Yorks and Lancs Regiment.
Background to story: Army

This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Bill Ross of the ‘Action Desk – Sheffield’ Team on behalf of Rosalind Hallam.

The presentation is in several parts which will show the sequence of the communication that informed of her father’s eventual death in service.


No. DIV3/CAS/YOL Army Form B. 104 – 80 Infantry Record Office 7. 4. 1943. Madam I regret to inform you that a report has this day been received from the war Office to the effect that (N0.) 4757055 (Rank) …………….PTE……………..(Name) Leonard Chambers (Regiment) 9 York and Lancaster Regt. Is dangerously ill at No 84 general Hospital, North Africa, suffering from Shell Wound Head……………… I am at the same time to express the sympathy and regret of the Army Council Any further information received at this office as to his condition or progress will at once be notified to you. I am Madam Your obedient Servant S Pown Lieut for Officer in charge of Records.

The presentation is in several parts, which will show the sequence of the communication that informed of her father’s eventual death in service.

============================================ No. DIV III/CAS/YLK Army Form

B. 104 (If replying, please quote above No.)

Infantry record Office


13 April 1943


I regret to have to inform you that report has been received from the war Office to the effect that No 4757055 (RANK) …….PTE……(Name) Leonard Chambers……..

(Regiment)……..G YORK AND LANCASTER REGT was wounded on the 31 day of …………..3………..1943 North Africa.

It has not yet been reported into what hospital he has been admitted; nor are other particulars known, but directly any further information is received it will at once be communicated to you.

I am to express to you the sympathy and regret of the Army Council.

Yours faithfully


For Officer in charge of records.

IMPORTANT.- Any change of address should be immediately notified to this office

84 General Hospital BNAF 11.4.43

Dear Mrs. Chambers,

I am the chaplain at the hospital your husband was taken to and I was with him when he died, and also took his funeral, so I want to tell you something about it.

He was terribly badly injured and it was not to be hoped that he would ever be a whole man again – if he had lived, it would have meant that he could never have been strong and it was better for him to go. I could not speak to him a lot, as he was mostly asleep or unconscious, but the morning of the last day, he felt much better and said he was getting better soon – he never realised he was dying and when he relapsed that afternoon, he was never conscious again. I was called about 5 am on the morning of the 9th and he died about 6 am.

I said prayers by his bedside, but he could not hear me. I saw him constantly and am sure he was not in great pain, but was uncomfortable. Certainly, he did not suffer; he was buried at the European Country here, no doubt the authorities will tell you the name of the place which I am not allowed to do.

He was covered with the Union Jack and the Welsh Guards made the funeral party – it is a lovely spot on the Hillside with high mountains all around. About 50 British soldiers are buried there. Each grave has a black cross with the name and particulars on it – it is a real bit of England and he does not rest alone among foreigners. I took the C. of E. funeral service at the graveside and everything was done in good order.

May God give you strength to beat your loss. He died for his country and will not be forgotten.

Yours in our Lord,

The Chaplain


Tel. No:-Victoria 1244

Any further communication on this subject should be addressed to:- TheWarOffice 32 Grosvenor Gardens,

The Director-



Graves Registration and Enquiries,

As opposite, and the following number quoted: 24th October, 1944

Algeria 25-15R/AG13.

Dear Madam,

I have to inform you that a later report has been received which states that your husband, No. 4757055, Private L. Chambers, 6th Bn. Yorks and Lancs Regiment, is now buried in Bone Military Cemetery, Algeria,

having been removed from the temporary cemetery (Souk AHTAS) where he was previously buried.

Yours faithfully,

N Hall

Staff Captain,

For Director General,

Graves registration and Enquiries.


The Queen and I offer you
our heartfelt sympathy in your
great sorrow.

We pray that your country's
gratitude for a life so nobly
given in its service may bring
some measure of consolation.

                                                                                              Rosalind & Mrs Chambers and Leonard

DIED OF WOUNDS .- Mrs. Chambers of Home lane, Hillsboro’, has been notified that her son, Pte Leonard Chambers, died of wounds on the April 9th while serving with the First Army in North Africa. He was 30, and leaves a widow and child. Pte Chambers joined the York and Lancaster Regiment in July, 1940, and went to Africa in December, 1942. His mother, with whom he lived, has been heavily bereaved, for her husband died in November, 1942.