World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                          Mrs Moules 

The bombing of Hull and Goole

By Actiondesk Sheffield

People in story: Mrs Moules ( nee Vanson ), Mr Clayton
Location of story: Hull and Goole
Background to story: Civilian


The bombing of Hull and Goole

Mrs Moules ( Vanson )

I was born in Goole on the 24th of April 1930. The day war started, my sisters and I had just come from Sunday School, when all the bells and buzzers started and everyone came out into the street. My mum died in 1940 and my dad wanted to join up as my brother had done. We all went to live with my Dad's Mum, in Old Goole. Then the time came for all the Mums to do the jobs all the men had done. Children my age went to help on the land, great, as we were paid 1 shilling an hour after school and in the holidays.

I remember going with my Dad and standing on the river bank, and saw bombs dropping on Hull. I also remember going on an errand for my Gran when a plane came overhead and dropped bombs on Goole. I stood and watched. I also remember with others in my class, saying a prayer for those who were not coming back, but like others, we all helped. We had pigs and chickens, and we helped with the rationing, so it pulled everyone together.

On VE night we had a party and Mr Clayton, just home on leave, got his bugle out and played, what I now know to be the "Last Post". It was great to hear.