World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                        Sheila Connoughton

Day Before V.E. Day - The First To Know

By actiondesksheffield

People in story: Sheila Connoughton
Location of story: London, Whitehall
Background to story: Army


This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Jo Thomas of the ‘Action Desk – Sheffield’ Team on behalf of JD Barwick.

Sheila Connoughton, my mother, worked on the teleprinter and received word from Germany that the Axis Forces had surrendered that day.

This was then passed on, when it was decided to announce this to the general public on the next day.

While on her way home on the bus, two women sat in front of her said, "It can't be long before it is all over." My mother was going to tell them it WAS over, but then remembered the Official Secrets Act.

My mother was the first person in the UK to know the war was over.