World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                           Ted Newton 

Working Underground

By Actiondesk Sheffield

People in story: Ted Newton, Captain Church
Location of story: Cardington, Filey, in North Yorkshire, Catterick, Eadon Square, Whitehall,
Background to story: Army


This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Roger Marsh of the ‘Action Desk – Sheffield’ Team on behalf of Ted Newton.

Ted started his war life in the air force, stationed in Cardington, training as a Wireless Technician. During this training, he was given a fortnight's leave, but this was suddenly cut short and he was sent to Filey, in North Yorkshire, to train for Arms Instruction. From here, he was transferred to the Army, and sent to Catterick to do more wireless mechanic training. After this, he was sent to London to the War Office in Eadon Square, which was connected to Whitehall, and became a wireless mechanic. The offices were underground, and Ted remained there for the duration of the war.

He was in charge of the stores, and at the end of the war, all the men who had worked there were sent to Canada. Ted was on leave at the time of the end of the war, and he received a telegram telling him to return to work immediately. However, before he could do that, he received another telegram telling him to ignore the first one. When he eventually finished his leave and went back to London, his boss Captain Church, explained to him that all the workers had been instructed to go to Canada, but Captain Church didn’t want to lose Ted, so he cancelled his order for him to come back, making it too late for him to be sent away. He valued his work too much to lose him.