World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                         William Ross 

Women At War Memorial

By actiondesksheffield

People in story: Bill Ross
Location of story: Whitehall, London
Background to story: Civilian

                                                                   Women At War Memorial, photo by Bill Ross, taken on 27th of October, 2005

This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Bill Ross of the ‘Action Desk – Sheffield’ Team on behalf of himself.

The memorial, which commemorates the contribution made to the war effort by seven million women, between 1939 and 1945, stands in Whitehall, about a hundred yards from the cenotaph. The memorial was unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen, on the 9th of July in 2005.

The memorial was financed by public donation and the Heritage Lottery Fund, and was the culmination of a campaign led by Major David Robertson. Further support for the project, from many M.P.s, was fostered by the efforts of baroness Betty Boothroyd, the former speaker of the House Of Commons.