World War 2 Stories for Sheffield

                       Winifred Starky 

The Finest Soldiers

By Actiondesk Sheffield

People in story: Winifred Starky
Location of story: York and France                                            A4553066
Background to story: Civilian


This story was submitted to the People’s War site by Bill Ross of the ‘Action Desk – Sheffield’ Team on behalf of Winifred Starky.


I was a member of the Girls’ Training Corps in York. We were asked to write to the Armed Forces in France, sending general news and papers and/or comics. We had no names or addresses, apart from British Forces, somewhere in France. We got the odd letter back, with general chat, until September 1944, when I received the following: The finest soldiers in history, Have all been corporals, tiny, wee, There’s Napoleon, Hitler, and there’s me, Yours sincerely, five foot three. The girls all started work and eventually lost touch. I am now 79 years old and the only girls I kept in touch with have since died.--------------------